Weekly Tech Roundup for February 02, 2024

“The Web is more than just a business tool. It is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Tim Berners-Lee


Meta’s new models have been fine-tuned and instruction-tuned on significantly more code. – Samuel Ekele

Graphics Designing Freelancing Can Make You $103 Per Day!

This article tell us how we can leverage on our graphic design skills to get a paying job out there, and how there are so many opportunities we can get or use to our advantage. – Deborah Enegobru 

Cloud Computing: Benefits, Disadvantages & Types

Consider Cloud computing as a better way to remotely store and access data that utilises the internet rather than hosting information on your computer’s hard drive. – Justin Egwuasi

How To Find Your Forgotten Gmail Accounts

Take some time now to search your recovery details and ensure no digital assets or history are unintentionally lost when Google scrubs inactive addresses later this year. – Fadele Iyanu

What Design Recruiters Look For In Your UI/UX Portfolio

As a designer, who wants to design a portfolio, there are some things you need to take note of that the recruiter will check in your portfolio. In this article, you will understand the important things to start with in your portfolio. Check the link for details. – Lawal Sofiyat Olabisi

5 Tips For UI UX Design Interview

5 useful tips to bag your interview as a ui/ux designer in 2024. – Akorede Michael

USA TODAY Internet

Internet speeds defines exactly how well and fast you can engage in online activities. Faster speeds can improve your internet experience when connecting many devices at once. – James Chukwu 

UI/UX Design: The Fastest Way to Present Your Work Professionally

Mastering UI/UX design tools and creating polished prototypes is the fastest route to professionally showcase and communicate your design work effectively. – Ebitanmi Adekunle

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