Weekly Tech Roundup for February 23, 2024

“Information, once disclosed, is lost on no one.” – Craig Newmark


This week’s Tech update comes with great enlightening content that would create awareness for the latest tech products and news.

ChatGPT Will Now Remember And forget Things You Tell It To

OpenAI Empowers Users with Enhanced Control: ChatGPT Now Remembers and Forgets Information on Demand. – Fadele Iyanu

The Essentials Of User-Friendly Web Graphics Design

This article talks about the essentials of a user friendly web graphics design, example of which are visual appeal, and more. – Deborah Enegobru

Selling Yourself As A Product Designer

This is an article that talks about how you can navigate the job market and put yourself in the spotlight. – Akorede Michael

Simply Statistics: Is Code the Best Way To Represent A Data Analysis?

Code is a useful representation of a data analysis for the purposes of transparency and openness. But code alone is often insufficient for evaluating the quality of a data analysis and for determining why certain outputs differ from what was expected. Is there a better way to represent a data analysis that helps to resolve some of these questions? – Yemisi

Uber Eats Is launching A Delivery Service With Cartken’s Sidewalk Robots In Japan

Uber Eats partners with Cartken an autonomous robotic startup, to launch a food service delivery in Japan which will be done by self-driving robots. – A. Hadizat

Gemini 1.5 Is Google’s Next-Gen AI Model And It’s Already Almost Ready

Google released Gemini 1.5 to developers and enterprise users, incorporating Mixture of Experts technique for faster performance and efficiency. With a context window of 1 million tokens, it’s on par with Gemini Ultra. Testing for a 10 million context window is underway. – Samuel Ekele

UX/UI Design And AI Trends In 2024

As a designer who wants to explore more on their skills or want to learn what is trending in UI/UX now. There are a lot of things trending now but pick one at a time. In this article, you will know the things that are trending in UI/UX. Check the link for more information. Lawal Sofiyat

7 Websites Every Graphic Designer Should Visit Daily To Spark New Ideas

Graphics design has moved past the days of just dragging and dropping shapes and adding colours. As a designer that wants to stay relevant through the new trends. Here are list of websites that every designer should frequent to stay inspired. – Ebitanmi Adekunle

7 Reasons Why ‘Brand Strategy’ Is Important For Your Small Business In 2024

The article underscores the importance of a well-defined brand strategy in navigating the competitive landscape and fostering sustainable growth for small businesses. – Fathia Alliu

UX Portfolios: You Suck At Talking About Yourself. Let ChatGPT Do It For You

Creating a UX Portfolio is a very important aspect of a UX designer, thereby making this portfolio comes with a lot of work which can sometimes be tasky. With the advent of ChatGPT, an eye catchy, engaging portfolio can be drawn with little or no effort at all. – Ebitanmi Adekunle

Bulletin Is A New AI-Powered News Reader That Tackles Clickbait And Summarises Stories

ake control of your news consumption with Bulletin, the AI-powered news reader that eliminates clickbait and delivers concise summaries. – Fadele-Oluwafemi Iyanu David

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