Bincom Campaign and Election Solutions


Elections in developing Countries, now more than ever, require the adoption of a new and innovative strategy to differentiate and distinguish the would be winner of the election’s offering from competing opponents and even other political parties.

Any approach adopted must be able to further the candidate’s agenda by effectively managing the expectations of the electorate, throughout the election life-cycle.


Leverage on the Best Use of Technology

The introduction of Technology into the electoral process is a game changer that despite the many proven benefits, has had very limited inclusion in Nigerian politics.

Bincom is proposing an avenue for the achievement of global awareness creation as well as Election transparency via our Campaign and Election Solution Package. With this, you have the opportunity to strengthen your dominance and stay miles ahead of the competition through a result oriented approach that leverages on the best use of technology.

Our services include :

  1. Electorate Data Profiling
  2. Incentivized Mobile Advertisement
  3. Targeted Mobile Health Insurance
  4. Vote Tracking System
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Data Intelligence and Campaign management.


Want to know more? not a problem. You can reach us by Dropping us a message or you can call +2347011954852 . We are always available to make things easy for you.

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