Guaranty Trust Bank


Bincom ICT has delivered several ICT related solutions for GTBank. Ranging from Social Media Implementation, Mobile Media design development and support, Enterprise Support for opensource and other applications, we have excelled with innovation
Our strategy and project management teams are constantly on the look out for emerging technology to help the client stay ahead of her competition in the area of ICT.



GTBank‘s facebook page was started on October 1, 2009. In less than 6 months, the Facebook page had gathered almost 50,000 fans, a feat previously thought to be impossible for an institution of its nature (A bank). Currently, the community has over 200,000 members who are actively engaged.

The facebook application GTCommunity was deployed as part of its broad strategy to interact and reward its loyal community. GTCommunity has features including but not limited to Naira Mastercard, Invite a friend, Branch locator, Corporate Social Responsibility, Do-it-yourself, Product and Services.

Use of social media has not replaced traditional media for advertising, however it has augmented and provides a much higher and measurable ROI (Return On Investment).

The ImpactGTBmastercard

The bank is able to reach over 3,000,000 individual (fans + friends of fans) weekly with its various products and activities at a fraction of the cost of traditional media using social media.

The platform has gained so much relevance in the banks’ corporate strategy that one of its new products (the first ever Naira Mastercard) was launched on Facebook.

Other projects for GTBank include:


#GTsupportsArts – Social App to showcase Support for Art and Culture initiative

Online Advertising

Online Advertising Campaigns For Various Brands

GtBank Autism Seminar 2011, 2012

GTBank Autism Seminar 2011, 2012- Livestream, Web & Social Engagement.

Enterprise TrainingEnterprise Training in Opensource Technologies

Location Based SolutionsLocation Based Solutions- ATM & Branch Locator

Mobile Optimised Web Portal

Mobile Optimised Web Portal- Client Side & Internet Banking Framework

Ideas, Strategy & ImplementationIdeas, Strategy & Implementation

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