Category: Our Service Arms

At Bincom, we are keen on providing our clients with the “Best Use of Technology” and due to this, we offer services that will inevitable improve productivity and enhance development across various spheres of life, using technology of course.

Our 7 Service Arms include;

1. Development + Support

2. Web Services

3. ICT Service Management

4. ICT Products + Services

5. Project + Event

6. Community + Investments

7. Best Use of Technology

Community + Investments

  Our corporate structure encompasses several communities of ICT professionals with particular emphasis on tech-savvy visionaries . We consistently invest in ideas and passionate individuals and groups by providing funding, mentoring and support to help refine their raw ideas into products of tangible benefits and commercial viability. We are also...

Best Use of Technology

We are enthusiasts that keep up-to-date with the technological trends of the international community, thereby retaining our position as leaders in the continually evolving world of ICT. We also invest in internal research and development, as well as embrace existing and emerging technologies to give our emerging clients the competitive...

Project + Event

We manage various ICT related events , conferences , codesprints , seminars and so on . Bincom also offers a variety of trainings for various sector of IT. A unique feature of Bincom trainings is the excellent after-training support. We also offer ICT strategy and management training sessions. Our Project...

ICT Products + Services

In furthering our mission to facilitate best use of technology for communication, operations and production from Nigeria to the world and beyond, we develop and manage various solutions in form of products and services , owned (fully or in part) by Bincom . Our ICT Products + Services include: 1....

ICT Service Management

We offer IT service management for Organisations and Enterprise using the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework . We deal with the “back office” or operational concerns of ICT while allowing clients to focus on their core business. We also offer consulting, logistics and head hunting services. Our ICT Services...

web services

Web Services

  We are able to manage the end-to-end delivery of web services. From enterprise projects that transcend web, social and mobile media to service delivery that requires active support or dedicated management. We offer tailor-made solution packages to suit the individual client’s need. Our Web Services include: 1. Web 3.0....

Development + Support

We offer Enterprise level development and subsequent support for various proprietary and Open Source solutions . Our web application and development process starts with ICT strategy consultation to ensure stakeholders are well advised on the various options available in the choice of a solution. The process consist of additional phases...