ICT Products + Services

In furthering our mission to facilitate best use of technology for communication, operations and production from Nigeria to the world and beyond, we develop and manage various solutions in form of products and services , owned (fully or in part) by Bincom .

Our ICT Products + Services include:

1. Politics – ICT is and can be very well applied to politics in Nigeria and this is evident in Bincom’s Election Tracker. Our solution can be utilized during elections at the polling stations, to track activities done during election at various locations as well as number of votes cast. Election Tracker was used during the Delta State 2011 Elections and the results were fantastic.

2. Traffic – We provide solutions that help facilitate convenience and security in the transport sector. One of which is the Eagle Eye, a that improves the Logistics arm of transportation by allowing Haulage companies posses complete tracking of all vehicles in transit as well as perform actions like switching off the engine, showing current location e.tc, all in one platform.

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