Development + Support

We offer Enterprise level development and subsequent support for various proprietary and Open Source solutions . Our web application and development process starts with ICT strategy consultation to ensure stakeholders are well advised on the various options available in the choice of a solution.

The process consist of additional phases including : project brief + requirements gathering, scope definition + specification development, solution design + development, architecture + implementation , documentation + maintenance of the finished project.

Our Overall goal is to ensure that the solution facilitated, developed or deployed meets the clients short , medium and long term goals.

Our Development + Support include;

Web and Mobile Application Development – Our web and moblie applications at Bincom ICT Solution are developed to tailor the customer’s requirements. We implement different technologies to build websites that are both static and dynamic. We use modern web and mobile application development platforms and software tools such as: Python, PHP, ASP, Java, JSP, JavaScript, , and HTML, XML, WAP, Cordova, Firebase etc.

Opensource – A platform created to promote the free distribution of software unfettered by standard proprietary code restrictions. Our Open Source Service Include: Drupal, Joomla, Acquia, OpenERP, Open Bravo, WordPress etc.

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