Community + Investments


Our corporate structure encompasses several communities of ICT professionals with particular emphasis on tech-savvy visionaries . We consistently invest in ideas and passionate individuals and groups by providing funding, mentoring and support to help refine their raw ideas into products of tangible benefits and commercial viability. We are also actively involved in Opensource and Community Development Initiatives.

Our Community + Investments comprise of ideas, People, Products and Business Development.
Some of our well known products include :

1. Social Lender Social Lender is a lending solution based on social reputation on mobile, online and social media platforms. Social Lender is designed to bridge the gap of immediate fund access for people with limited access to formal credit.
2. My Circle – An online , mobile and social media customer influence network solution. A solution to enable customers become Loyal Brand Ambassadors while they influence Other Members of their Online & Social Media Community to do the same. In order words, it uses the social influence of its users to create a circle of loyal ambassadors around a brand or company.
3.  iGive – An online donation solution that uses internet and mobile technologies to securely and efficiently distribute recurrent donations from donors to their favorite campaigns and charities under campaigns

More of our products can be found in the Incubator Programme section. This is a programme designed to help deliver solutions typically using technology to solve problems across Africa. Starting from an idea, the Incubator programme is able to drive the concept to become a viable product and in some cases the product becomes a company that can stand the test of time.

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