ICT Service Management

We offer IT service management for Organisations and Enterprise using the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework . We deal with the “back office” or operational concerns of ICT while allowing clients to focus on their core business. We also offer consulting, logistics and head hunting services.

Our ICT Services Management comprises of

1. Project management – Our project management team comprises of experts who integrate state-of- the-art project management tools and strategies to ensure satisfactory project results. Check out our Project Monitoring tool for Enterprise, one ofย  our indigenous solutions used to ensure adequate Project Management.

2. ICT4SME – We provide our expertise in the field of ICT to start-ups and SMEs in a bid to ensure their development in the shortest possible, leveraging on the many opportunities the IT world has to offer e.g Development of Websites, Custom Solutions and s on.

3. Outsourcing – The expertise of our well informed and constantly updated team of programmers and project managers are made available for hire via our OutsourceIT platform. Here, companies in need of expert hands to handle their IT affairs and projects can have our able team do their work and be rest assured of satisfactory results.

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