Weekly Tech Roundup for July 20 2018. The change factor

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You are cruising along and then BAM! Technology changes. You have to adapt. – Marc Anderson

They say the only permanent thing in life is change. They also say no room is bigger than the room for improvement. No better manifestation of these sayings, than Technology. Something that may seem impossible today, may as well be outdated tomorrow. That’s just how it is in the IT world. Only thing we can do is endeavor to always be part of the moving train and not be left behind.

At Bincom, we recognize this nature of technology and so always showcase whats trending in the Information and Technology hemisphere, s as to keep our beloved audience up to date.

We also included some snippets from our daily knowledge development sessions, just to give you a little extra knowledge. After all, knowledge is never enough. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.


A different approach to viewing errors in your codes

Having problems with errors in your codes? Then this is a must read for you.

Road-maps for Web developers

Having problems deciding what to do, and what to learn as a beginner software developer?
This is a 6 minutes read which talks about technologies to learn, path to take (backend, frontend) and whole lot more…

Dealing with JavaScript errors

Top 10 JavaScript errors and how to avoid them without breaking a sweat or resolving to finding solutions eventually.

It is now possible to play AR games

Just in case seeing friendly faces isn’t fun enough. You can now play Augmented reality (AR) games in real time

App to regularize children’s use of smart phones

Here’s a new tech to limit the hours of time children are glued to their smart phone,

3D printing pens to allow you draw in the air

Have you ever imagined drawing in the Air? Yes!!!!, little things can do bigger ideas. Here comes the 3-d printing pen to allow you do just that.

Tours to China advances to a whole new level

Chinese engineers have designed a new, reusable spacecraft to send intrepid traveler on a suborbital journey to view the stars and experience weightlessness…They will not need to wear spacesuits during the journey because there will be oxygen and life-support instruments inside the spacecraft…Cool? Super Cool!

Uber introduces Fusion.js

Introducing fusion.js, a plug-in based universal open source web framework, that makes it easy to build lightweight high performing app for the web. and guess what? it is developed by Uber!!!!!

Zone Tech Park, Nigerian B2B Venture Builder Launches in Lagos
Zone Tech Park, a venture builder for start-ups officially launched in Nigeria at a media event in Lagos.

Hackers are beginning to target the human mind

We have heard about the 3 dimensions of Cyberspace right; Physical, Informational and Cognitive. Obviously, hackers have been able to exploit the first 2 dimensions successfully over the years and luckily, we have also been able to come up with security measures to help curtail their activities. But how about the 3rd dimension; the human mind? Hackers are presently getting acquainted with that dimension, as we have seen in the past U.S election, supposedly…What kind of security are we gonna need for that?Well, lets wait and see.

16 Years old Teenage boy hacks Apple

A teenage boy from Australia has pleaded guilty to hacking into Apple’s network and downloading internal files, according to reports.

Practice proper code reviews

Want to write good code? Learn how to do proper code review best practices.

Inokyo launches its prototype cashier-less autonomous retail store

You would not be worried about a long queue to pay the cashier at this, but you could be worried you might be stealing… Pay with convenience.

About Weekly Tech Roundup by Bincom Dev Center 

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In this weekly publication, You will find various pieces ranging from ideas, to trends, to random thoughts. They are here because we found them interesting.  We also include some knowledge development pieces and where to get more information about the topic. We aim to publish an edition every Friday at 5pm (with exception of Holidays).  We are working hard to keep  ourselves updated and we thing you should too!

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  • Senior Responsibility Officer:   Bade Adesemowo

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