Hi guys,

I hope you are as excited as I am, reading this article. Yes, I know. We are all interested with the topic, because getting a job, could be a tedious task. In fact, some would agree with me that looking for a job, is a job itself.

This is a topic I find interesting, and worthy to share to all who is, either looking for a job, not just a job, a well-paying job, or a career boost.  So, let’s begin.

It all narrows down to writing a CV. Wait. Did I just say writing a CV? I thought I said ‘without touching your resume’? Do not fret, I was only joking with you.

The truth of the matter is that CV is almost getting phased out now. Yes, I said it. It’s old-fashioned. What most recruiters do is go through your LinkedIn profile, and if they find you interesting, they contact you. Writing a CV, can be a very tedious task, expensive (as we now have professionals that write CV’s, and time consuming. I mean, you have to tailor your CV to fit a particular job type, and trust me, we all later mess it up at the end of the day.

Another thing is that, there is no perfect candidate for a job. Recruiters usually have the long wish-list of the perfect candidate, hence making a particular position, or post vacant for so long. In terms of building ones career, jumping from job to job is not the best, but building credibility and statistics.

Enough of the story, let’s get down to business. There are three secrets one can employ to achieving a career boost, or a 100k job without ever touching your resume.

  1. How to demonstrate you worth over 100k, regardless your years of experience : There is this general belief that one must have some certain number of experience, before one gets a particular position, usually between 5-8 years of experience. Another belief is that one must have an, or a Ph.D. before one can get a particular position. I mean I have heard it from people that is like SSCE (sounds funny, yeah?). Another irrelevant belief is that one must come for a certain background to get some jobs. I mean, you don’t have to be a mathematician, or statistician to be a data scientist… (That’s what I think). The reality is that there is a huge demand and supply for jobs. We all get to see new job advert every day. Yes, demand is huge, and supply is really growing fast. According to quant crunch, most data science analyst jobs stay 5 days longer than the usual market time, which is 40 days. Also most recruiters don’t know what they are looking for, therefore, it our job to help them find us. How do we achieve this?
  • Stand out by thinking progressively, and being a leader.
  • Make effective use of social media platforms, most especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is that platform that connects us to potential recruiters.
  • Share stuffs, related to your career path on LinkedIn. Recruiter’s would see your passion for your career.


  1. Replicate proven strategies of successful people in your career, or field, under 45 minutes a week : Tony Robins said, if you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded. Optimizing the power of LinkedIn, or other social media platform can be very demanding. The pit falls are
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know what to share
  • I have no idea on what to write
  • I don’t have a writing style .
    • Remember the usual say, ‘google is your friend’? Yes. Use google to get related materials online. Create at least 45 minutes a week, and with time, this would increase. Join relative groups and channels, post on LinkedIn, or any other social media, and add a little comment of your own views, just to show consistency.Add original contents (dig a little deeper) you don’t have to be a super expert in your field. Just learn and share. Be yourself, be very conversational. Write like you talk.
  1. How to get offers coming to you in less than 6 weeks : As easy as it may sound joining LinkedIn, groups and channels, be very careful on who you follow. Recruiters are always interested if what, or who you are following is relational to your career. Make sure you attend events, and not just attend, network with people. You never know the worth of your network. Share stuffs on social media on what you have learned in events you attend. You may never know who is following. Take advantage of borrowed influences.

By : Franklin

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